Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Dow dropped 6.2 percent last week, American companies are bleeding 600,000 jobs per month, and whole economies are crumbling under the weight of the global recession. At a time that clearly demands American leadership, Mark D. Wallace (“Reverse ‘oil weapon’ on Iran,” Op-Ed, Friday) proposes bold action on the part of all Americans - that will make everything worse.

Mr. Wallace’s United Against Nuclear Iran proposes that Americans sell off their stock in major companies, turning as-yet-unrealized losses into real money down the drain. All because these global businesses may do some indirect trade with Iran - something U.S. law does not prohibit.

To be clear, the Iranian government’s nuclear program, human rights violations and support for terrorism are all serious concerns. However, punishing American workers - in the middle of the greatest recession since the 1930s - shows reckless disregard for the immediate problems of ordinary Americans. The solution to the Iranian challenge lies in working with our allies - not punishing their companies or our own work force.


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