- The Washington Times - Saturday, February 28, 2009

President Obama is learning firsthand what happens to “rookies” during spring training (“Obama pleads for fiscal responsibility,” Page 1, Tuesday). They get abused, ignored, embarrassed and left locked in a locker from time to time. One only has to view the photo of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Henry A. Waxman, California Democrats, on Tuesday’s front page to see the results.

The 44th president was able to dance his way through the primary and general election as a rock star with a Democratic Congress acting like roadies and groupies telling the star exactly what he wanted to hear. The oratory was wonderful.

I am a fan of those who can speak in public without making a fool of themselves. Mr. Obama was an example of what to do for all of those high school students who cannot put together two cogent sentences. Learn the queen’s English and you could be president. Unfortunately Mr. Obama believed all of his press.

Since the inauguration, he has tried to “shame” Wall Street into morality, plead with his Democratic Congress to cast aside “pork” and convince the American people that he is “in charge.” He now finds out just a few weeks into his term that he was more effective on the streets of Chicago than in the halls of Congress.

Though I voted for neither presidential candidate, I was encouraged by our president’s verve and vigor when on the stage. He was able to excite the American voters as did the Pied Piper of Hamelin. They danced to the tune and fulfilled the mission. I was impressed.

Unfortunately Mr. Obama led the “children” of Hamelin out of town and left the “rats” in control. I do hope that our president will correct his overconfidence and go “to the people” for direction and not Congress. He will have far more success in that approach than did Julius Caesar with Brutus in his Senate. Can he change the direction? It’s tough for a rookie in any endeavor.



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