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Ed Feulner is correct (“Health care by committee,” Commentary, Jan. 2) on what awaits us under the Federal Health Board proposed by Tom Daschle, President-elect Barack Obama’s nominee as secretary of health and human services: more government regulations, the elimination of choice for doctors and patients, and the specter of government bureaucrats making life-and-death decisions over physicians and patients.

I have spent nearly 30 years studying, training for and practicing medicine. The idea that bureaucrats in Washington know better how to treat my patients is one of the biggest frauds ever perpetrated on the American people, along with the idea that America has a free-market health-care system.

Health care is already one of the most regulated industries, which is why costs are out of control. Whenever government promises a “free”service paid by taxpayers (Medicaid, Medicare) costs can do nothing but skyrocket.

The only moral and practical solution is to get government out of health care altogether. Allow physicians and hospitals to compete in a real free market and then watch costs for health care plummet as they have for computers, food and cell phones. If patients had the freedom of choice and doctors the freedom to compete, there wouldn’t be any such thing as a health-care crisis.



Mckinney, Texas

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