- The Washington Times - Monday, January 12, 2009

President-elect Barack Obama’s incoming administration is about to implement a massive “economic stimulus plan,” which, in reality, is a huge government expansion, taxation and spending program. I am not aware of any nation in history that has raised its people from economic stagnation to prosperity through onerous taxation, out-of-control government spending and borrowing, the transfer of wealth from one class of people to another or extensive control over its citizens’ lives. Ironically, many of the same liberal legislators who coerced the mortgage industry to give subprime loans to people who would never be capable of paying back the loans, leading tothe current financial mess, will again be in charge of, and overseeing, the financial sector of America.

Additionally, the Obama team will try to revive a socialist governmental health plan similar to the one Hillary Rodham Clinton tried to impose on the American people early in the 1990s. Ignored by many is that socialized medicine is a failure in other nations, causing plan deficits, inferior doctor care and long waits for patients to be seen for surgery. That is why many participants in these socialist plans come to America seeking professional and timely medical care. Yet we are about to be forced into a socialist plan.

In my opinion, we Americans will learn the lessons of the failure of socialism the way we learned the lessons of life when we were children and did not heed the warnings from our parents; i.e., the hard way.



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