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By executive order, the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, is to be closed within a year. Where will the detainees be sent? They will be sent to prisons in the United States or perhaps to other countries willing to accept them, although none comes immediately to mind.

In all likelihood, these individuals soon will be free to rejoin al Qaeda or other terrorist organizations, quite possibly some of the jihadist training camps that already exist in the United States and Canada. When these fanatics once again carry out attacks on civilians and, quite probably, on our troops serving in Afghanistan and Iraq, will President Obama and his advisers freely admit that the blood is on their misguided hands? I think not.

DR. MICHAEL EMMER Bethesda President Obama has found a way to keep terrorists in the United States, which will enable some to go free. According to The Times, detentions of terrorists in secret “black sites” would be temporary, and “suspects either would be brought later to the United States for trial or sent to other countries where they are wanted and can face trial” (“Obama order allows short-term CIA sites,” Page 1, Wednesday). Because of the lack of evidence and the lax judicial system in the United States, some of the terrorists will be freed. Then they will be able to roam the United States. Welcome to the closing of Guantanamo Bay. That’s how to spread terrorism to the United States.That’s not how to protect the American people.


Silver Spring

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