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I am dismayed by the “Arabist” attitudes of - or what remains of - Europe’s people currently experiencing the occupation of their countries by hordes of immigrating Muslims fleeing from the Mediterranean and other impoverished regions. It is so much so that a nation like France must continue to bend its knee to threats of violence from its Arab minions, while a nation like Czechoslovakia is free to make a fair and honest appraisal of Israel’s actions in Gaza.

My position is simple: Hamas provides rockets, not food; Hamas provides mortars, not medicine; Hamas teaches hate, not the Koran; Hamas has taken a “liberation” theme and turned itself into a dog that will chew its leg off to get out of the trap in which it finds itself. However, the trap is one of its own making, and if Hamas wasn’t biting helping hands, maybe the trap could be sprung. Israel left greenhouses and other means for the Palestinians to improve themselves, and the Palestinian mob’s first act was to destroy its own sustenance.

Israel has waited long enough to deal a blow to the beast. I applaud Israel’s courage in restraint; after all, Hezbollah dealt them a failure in similar circumstances only two years ago. That situation, however, was very different, something Hamas did not seem to calculate in loosing its missiles, rockets and mortars on Israel.

I would also comment that while Israel had to contend with Hezbollah, Syria and Iran in the north, we should not forget the influences of Russia and even China. I have hope because the Israelis are accomplishing their mission before President-elect Barack Obama, the “man of hope,” takes office. Whose hope is Mr. Obama representing again?


Fredericksburg, Va.

This is a call for women of the world to unite with peace-loving men to stop the terrorist tactics used by both parties in the Israel/Palestine confrontation. It is nonsense for one group to say they are fighting terrorism when they themselves are using terrorist tactics.

When the killing of children is taking place, we are reminded of King Herod’s slaughter of the innocents. King Herod slaughtered the children because he wanted to remain in power. Is the main reason for using weaponry today so that those in positions of power can keep their power? Our present State Department can only mouth one-sided views having to do with “our allies.”

This attitude tries to make us afraid and to urge us to fight “an enemy.” The truth is that we are the people of one world, and when we harm others, we are harming ourselves and the whole earth.

We must realize that for every Jewish voice that tries to influence U.S. politicians with money to support Israeli weaponry, there is another voice that disapproves heartily of the use of violence against Gaza and Palestine, like the young Shiministim - high schoolers who refuse military service - and many Jewish women. Most Israelis would like to have a peaceful, compassionate world community.


Katonah, N.Y.

When I began to study the Holocaust many years ago, I found it hard to believe how seemingly ordinary people, governments and the media were prepared to turn their backs on the Jews. As the years have passed, I have sadly begun to realize that such attitudes are not isolated to the Europe of the Nazi era.

I have witnessed this as countless thousands of Palestinian missiles and mortars have rained down upon Jewish towns and villages, traumatizing innumerable children and wounding, maiming and killing others. These missiles were launched from areas of an ancient Jewish homeland ceded to the Palestinians as part of a peace process.

I have watched how seemingly ordinary people, governments and the media have responded with a thunderous silence as Jewish schools, hospitals and shopping centers have been hit, with the lives of innocent Jewish civilians becoming a nightmare.

I have also watched as the same people, governments and media have immediately broken their silence and participated in a frenzy of vilification against the Jewish state as it has dared to defend itself.

The present climate has been ripened to such a degree that those who sympathized with the perpetrators of the “final solution” are beginning to raise their ugly heads. As philosopher George Santayana said, “Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.”


Tredegar, Gwent

United Kingdom

For eight years since Israel left Gaza, the terrorist group Hamas, backed by Iran, has fired thousands of rockets into Israel. They were indiscriminately fired into civilian zones and not at military targets.

Yes, after thousands of rockets, Israel has finally said, “Enough.” Israel sent tons of human aid by truck into Gaza through its border crossings and dropped leaflets asking the civilians to leave certain areas before starting its land incursion to remove Hamas’ rocket-launching sites. Mosques and residential buildings have been found to house large caches of arms and explosives.

Since Israel moved out to allow for an elected Palestinian government, Hamas took the reins of power using coercion, indoctrination and deception to be elected.

During this period, they built an infrastructure based on a militant foundation rather than a civilian foundation. The civilians of Gaza are human shields against any humane force that tries to remove Hamas from their enclave in the heart of the populace. Israel tries to avoid civilian casualties that Hamas causes with its use of human shields.

Hamas has one goal, and it is not peace or reconciliation with Israel. To Hamas, Israel does not exist.

What kind of governing body is Hamas that it allows its people to go hungry so it can build rockets which it then hides in their homes? The people of Gaza want peace with Israel. They are against the war caused by Hamas and against the blockades caused by the actions of Hamas.

In 1993, Hamas opposed the Oslo peace accords, while most other Palestinians agreed with the Oslo accords. Hamas has a death wish for Israel; could this become the death knell of Hamas?


Montreal, Quebec

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