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Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Florida Democrat, took one for the team, so to speak, on Tuesday night when she sprained her ankle and fractured her left leg during a softball game she had organized to raise money for the Young Survival Coalition, a group that supports young women with breast cancer.

Mrs. Wasserman Schultz, who was diagnosed with breast cancer last year at the age of 41, recruited many of her colleagues from both sides of the aisle in the House and Senate to participate in the game.

From our observation post on the sidelines of Guy Mason Field in Glover Park, we had an opportunity to speak with a few of the players and onlookers.

We wondered why Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, Texas Democrat, wasn’t playing. “I thought I’d be a good cheerleader this year,” she explained.

Ditto for Rep. Steny H. Hoyer, Maryland Democrat. “I’m a fan,” he declared. “I’m a cheerer. I’m a supporter!”

Had he contacted President George W. Bush, a cheerleader during his high school years at Phillips Academy, for pointers? “I did not. That was a real mistake on my part, I’m sure,” Mr. Hoyer deadpanned.

Even Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, showed up to congratulate the team on raising more than $40,000 for the Young Survival Coalition and to pose for photos with players on the pitcher’s mound. When G2 asked what it would take to get her on the field, she replied, “I am on the field!” to cheers from Mrs. Wasserman Schultz and others.

Next time, we hope to see Madame Speaker take a turn at bat.

After all, she has a whole year to practice!

‘The Mouth’

Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura celebrated the big 5-8 Wednesday night mouthing off about everything under the sun on “Larry King Live,” where the former wrestling champion delivered some verbal body slams to Republican politicians.

Mr. King asked Mr. Ventura his reaction to New York Republican Rep. Peter T. King calling the late Michael Jackson a “low-life” and “pervert.”

“What was he talking about, a few of his Republican colleagues?” Mr. Ventura asked in response.

“You know? Who are they to talk? I mean, you got Republicans cheating on their wives left and right. You got them, you know, in the bathrooms at the airport here in Minnesota. And these are all the people that supposedly run on family values. You know, unless you got a clean closet, keep your mouth shut.”

You know, you tell ‘em, Jesse!

But he was just getting warmed up.

The chat also turned to Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who earlier this month announced she was stepping down from office.

“She’s a quitter,” Mr. Ventura said.

The Vietnam-era Navy SEAL doesn’t think “Sarah the Barracuda” is all that tough. “Let me put it to you this way, Larry, by not being sexist: She could never make it as a ‘Frogman,’ or Navy SEAL. Because if you utter the words in BUDS training, Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL Training, ‘I quit,’ you’re gone.”

“The Body” neglected to mention that he had declined to seek a second term as Minnesota governor in 2002.

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