- The Washington Times - Tuesday, July 21, 2009


The Washington Times seems to be one of the few fair and balanced newspapers. This is why I go out of my way to buy a copy every morning. One article in particular caught my eye (“Legal guns not used one year later,” Page 1, Friday). This story reflects unbiased investigative reporting about the registered guns in the District, and it immediately commanded my interest.

The anti-gun crowd constantly paints a negative picture of guns, as if the guns themselves are dangerous and a threat to society. The article clearly illustrates that law-abiding citizens are thoughtful and responsible. It is only the criminals who act irresponsibly and harm others. Besides, we are constitutionally protected to keep and bear arms.

Lynda Salvatore is quoted as saying that young street thugs harass her with obscene catcalls. These kids are the precursors of the problems Washington experiences. Further, she states that she has seen three dead bodies since she moved to her neighborhood.

In a truly free America, D.C. residents would be permitted to carry their weapons to defend themselves if attacked. Thirty-nine states already have laws granting the right to carry concealed weapons, and none has experienced an increase in crime. Indeed, most have experienced a reduction in crime. Guns in the hand of citizens do not cause criminal behavior.


Mount Airy



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