- The Washington Times - Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Your Sunday editorial about granting permitted gun owners the right to carry their weapons across state lines said that the failure to overcome the filibuster was “a victory of fear over facts” (“Americans’ right to carry,” Opinion, Sunday). While I totally agree, it also was a victory of stupidity over logic.

Laws do not stop people from committing crimes; they only give the government the right to investigate, charge and punish those who violate the laws. It is only the fear of punishment that reduces crime. Consequently, gun-control laws will never be a deterrent to crimes that already result in severe punishment. Such laws only disarm law-abiding citizens, making it safer for criminals to steal and murder.

Futhermore, there seems to be a strong correlation between the advocacy of gun control and an inability to understand basic economics and the free market. The voters should take notice of this.





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