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Booking it

Conservative author, blogger and columnist Michelle Malkin was fully prepared for NBC’s Matt Lauer to ask her about the “birther” conspiracy theorists in her appearance on his show to promote her latest book, “Culture of Corruption.” Only he didn’t.

“When they pre-interviewed me, they asked about the birthers,” she told The Washington Times. “What’s going on here is that these liberal hosts are trying to embarrass Republicans and conservatives over this whole thing and my response was that I was very glad the mainstream media was concerned about wacky, nutty conspiracy theorists and I was waiting on them to start airing the conspiracy theories by science czar John Holdren and ask every Democrat on TV if they thought they should be seen as a ‘pulsating mass of maggots,’ ” she said.

The line about maggots is a nugget Mrs. Malkin unearthed in a book written by Harrison Brown, whom Mr. Holdren has praised.

Mr. Lauer never brought up the “birthers” with Mrs. Malkin in the segment, which she said was unfortunate because her discussion of President Obama’s many czars is one of the chief reasons her book is selling No. 1 on Amazon.com.

“The czar issue is one of the most resonating issues in the book,” she said. “People are appalled at the explosion of them and it’s not just the number of them, it’s the compromised quality we’re getting.”

(Corrected paragraph:) “Ms. Malkin devotes a chapter of the book to Mr. Obama’s czars, titled, “Backroom Buddies: Dancing with the Czars.” Mr. Obama’s Urban Czar, Adolfo Carrion, is also featured on a specially made set of Dirty Dozen Collectible playing cards that will be sold with Culture of Corruption. Other members of the Dirty Dozen include First Lady Michelle Obama,Vice President Joe Biden, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Connecticut Democratic Sen. Chris Dodd.”

$1 a day

Organizing for America, Mr. Obama’s campaign operation that was taken over by the Democratic National Committee after he became president, is asking supporters to pitch in $1 a day to their coffers until a health care plan is enacted.

“Here’s how it works: We’ll bill your credit card for 30 days’ worth of donations now and once a month until the President signs real health insurance reform into law,” said an appeal from OFA Director Mitch Stewart.

That could turn out to be a very effective fundraiser for OFA. A day after the mailer went out, President Obama conceded the vote would probably not occur “until the end of September or the middle of October,” far past his initial August-recess deadline.

The pitch amused Wesley Denton, a spokesman for Sen. Jim DeMint, South Carolina Republican, who is one of the Senate’s strongest opponents of the legislation.

“So now Democrats want the dollar a day tax break back already?” Mr. Denton said. “Liberal special interests have already wasted millions pushing a bad health bill that Americans don’t want. The truth is that every day, more Americans are realizing that the president’s policies don’t live up to his promises. Every day more Americans lose jobs while our debt increases to pay for the president’s failed stimulus. And every day, the president and Democrats are losing support from the left, right and center because most Americans don’t want Washington making their health care decisions.”

Speaking out

Liz Cheney didn’t set out to become a leading voice on national security issues after her father, former Vice President Dick Cheney, left office.

Ms. Cheney, a former deputy assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern affairs, said it was simply the “right thing to do.”

“There was not a strategy,” she told The Washington Times. “I grew increasingly concerned watching the Obama administration’s policies unfold, and watching them misrepresent the events of the last eight years, and I felt it was important to speak out.”

On various media outlets such as MSNBC and Fox News, Ms. Cheney has impressively defended the Bush administration’s decision to waterboard high-level terrorist detainees and the CIA operatives who employed the tactic, prompting many Republicans to wonder what her political ambitions may be.

She’s passionate about promoting the concept of American exceptionalism and recently told “America’s Morning News,” The Washington Times’ nationally syndicated radio show, that she was “open to running for office” but has no plans.

For now, she’s busy working on her father’s memoirs and delivering speeches to various groups. She’ll be addressing right-leaning bloggers on security issues in Atlanta this weekend for a conference hosted by Red State. In September, she’ll be speaking to several groups, including Smart Girl Politics, and at the Thundering Elephant Rendezvous in Laramie, Wyo. A few weeks ago, she talked to young women at a luncheon sponsored by the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute.

Although most people are focused on the Obama administration’s actions on health care and the economy, Ms. Cheney has been carefully monitoring Obama’s foreign policy and criticized him for “equivocation about America’s role in the world” in addresses he’s delivered abroad. She recently wrote an editorial for the Wall Street Journal about Mr. Obama’s remarks in Moscow, Cairo and France, where she said the president “proclaims moral equivalence between the U.S. and our adversaries, he readily accepts a false historical narrative, and he refuses to stand up against anti-American lies.”

In her conversation with The Times, she also brought up Mr. Obama’s initial overture to Iran, when he said if their leaders were “willing to unclench their fists, they will find an extended hand from us.” Riots broke out there in June after a contested election and some protesters were killed by police.

“When you tell the Iranians to unclench their fists, and they then shoot their own people in the streets, it’s time to rethink your policy,” she said.

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