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I find it very interesting that I have not yet seen a headline saying “Victory in Iraq.” I am dumbfounded that the media do not recognize that, like it or not, the Bush administration’s surge worked and that democracy is now taking shape in Iraq. Part of the operational plan initiated by the Bush administration included moving to the perimeter in order to interdict outside antagonists, primarily Iran and Syria, from attempting to infiltrate fighters and weapons. The Bush administration was not mentioned once in the mainstream media.

I think the real story in all of this is the press. Why do I not see a headline saying, “Obama goes against campaign promise and plans to raise taxes on the middle class to pay for bailouts and giveaways” or “Obama goes against campaign promise and plans to expand former gun bans”? I really think there is no press anymore.

When reporting on the supposed recent atrocities in Iran, the press totally missed the intent behind Mr. Obama’s neutral stance and the Iranian government’s response to the nonstop rallies and protests. While the majority of people in Tehran may have voted for change, the rest of the country did not, meaning that the election was probably legitimate insofar as most of the Iranian population does not live in Tehran.

As for the argument that the candidates are selected by the mullahs and not by the people, well, it’s not much different from how our presidential candidates are chosen. We are not that different. We also do not have democratic elections - that’s because we are a republic and not a true democracy.

Lastly, does anyone living in the District believe for a second that our police and military would not respond the same way if there were demonstrations as large as those in Tehran for days on end? They would be arresting by the hundreds and busting heads when necessary. Let’s not be hypocrites. Our hypocrisy is why the world does not take us seriously.



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