- The Washington Times - Monday, July 6, 2009

Final approval of the cap and trade bill will have a catastrophic effect on an already weakened economy. Its real purpose is to raise taxes without saying so, a typical Obama game of deceit. It’s an indirect, sneaky and underhanded tax that will be levied at every turn in the road, at every business transaction and at every move by every individual.

Cap and trade will drive out business from the United States, causing further massive job losses. It will raise the price of everything, especially gasoline, oil, electricity and natural gas. It will regulate and tax every aspect of our lives. And it’s all based on a lie, to wit, that carbon dioxide threatens the planet. The planet has had many more times the current amount of CO2, and it handily survived.

Humans contribute only 3 percent of the CO2 presently in the atmosphere. The rest is produced by releases from the oceans and decaying plants. Rising CO2 is a symptom of a cyclical warming of oceans from inside the Earth — nothing else. CO2 is not the cause of anything except the growth of plants.


Salt Lake City

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