- The Washington Times - Friday, June 12, 2009

Ronald Reagan’s critics attributed his political success in part to his earlier career in Hollywood. Jon Voight, in an interview with The Washington Times, went a step further, calling President Obama a “very good actor … very adept at creating this ‘Obama’ — this character who is there whenever the world needs something.” All that’s lacking are the roles. Herewith:

1. The Defiant One — A remake of the 1958 classic in which the president is chained to former Vice President Dick Cheney as the pair try to escape from Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s incessant chatter.

2. The Nutty President — After accidentally drinking a secret Pentagon potion, the president transforms from a nerdy policy wonk into a smooth-talking NBA all star.

3. Conference Crashers — White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and Mr. Obama crash think-tank luncheons after the first lady and the White House chef put them on a strict low-sodium diet, causing hilarious hijinks and a headache for the overbearing director of the Secret Service (played by Jon Voight).

4. Star Trek 2: Spock’s Revenge — As the storied half-human/half-Vulcan Federation hero, the clinically detached and analytical president with the large ears must settle scores with the Romulan warlord who obliterated the planet Vulcan. Rush Limbaugh co-stars as the genocidal Romulan enemy.

5. The Life and Times of President Obama — Denzel Washington recently said he’s too old to play President Obama in a biopic. Conveniently enough, the president can play himself.



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