- The Washington Times - Monday, June 22, 2009


Joan Salemi (“Sit down and shut up,” Letter, Thursday) accuses The Washington Times of a “lack of perspective” for supporting the current protests in Iran. Ms. Salemi volunteers her perspective that “the Iranian people are doing just fine against a tyrannical leadership,” happily dismissing the admitted “danger to their personal freedom and safety.”

What needs to be said of the perspective of one who is still contesting the 2000 presidential election results long after George W. Bush completed his second term? Where’s the perspective regarding the annoying little detail that every recount showed Mr. Bush’s vote total exceeded Al Gore’s, including the Gore-friendly 2001 Florida Ballot Project review by the liberal media?

I share The Times’ perspective that replacing murderous regimes in Afghanistan and Iraq and foiling further terror attacks on U.S. soil prevented greater slaughter. The Times’ article was consistent with the accurate historical perspective that millions of innocents are likely to be enslaved and murdered when good people fail to oppose tyrannical regimes. Doing nothing is precisely what the tyrants count on.


Great Falls



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