- The Washington Times - Sunday, March 1, 2009

Of late, I’ve been hearing a fascinating attempt at historical revisionism. Some - who have not been able to accept the fact that the American people have voted for a change from a failed administration - are working overtime to destroy the credibility of the new administration, even if it requires revising history.

The hypothesis is that President Franklin D. Roosevelt did not get our country out of the Great Depression, but to the contrary, worsened it. The rationale is that the Depression was exacerbated due to his large-scale government spending to create jobs. The obvious object is to relate it to President Obama’s plan for our recovery by using a similar approach. Ergo, since Roosevelt caused a depression due to his large scale government spending, Mr. Obama, doing likewise, will also cause a depression. If only wishing could make it so.

Expanding this unique theory, it was World War II that ended the Depression made worse by Roosevelt’s huge government spending. Does that suggest that World War II was somehow a privately funded, free-market, deregulated, oversight-free, market-determined, etc. venture that saved the day? I believe that ridiculous question answers itself.

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Roosevelt’s huge monetary investment in our country brought our country out of the depression he inherited, and World War II, with additional government spending, advanced it even further. Mr. Obama has, in Roosevelt, a great role model to emulate while bringing us out of the recession he has inherited.

However, we could well do without yet one more war.


Amagansett, N.Y.

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