- The Washington Times - Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Paul Whiteley suggests we take the best elements of capitalism and socialism because “capitalism is not all good and socialism is not all bad” (“Justice for all?” Mailbox, Saturday). But he failed to identify which of those elements American society should keep and which of those we should discard - other than “greed.”

But “greed” is not synonymous with wealth, nor does it belong exclusively to capitalism. “Greed” is an evil condition of human nature worldwide. It pervades the powerful in every society no matter the economics.

Mr. Whiteley’s response is typical of those who really do believe capitalism is unfair to the lazy and uneducated. They believe any wealth is greed and should be shared by all. Perhaps it did not enter Mr. Whiteley’s mind that dictators in socialistic societies are among the most “greedy” despots on the planet, who always exploit the masses.

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Given a choice between the two, most Americans would prefer the freedom of capitalism over the limitations of socialism. You see, capitalism allows one the freedom to work hard and gain wealth, and the rule of law to punish the “greedy.” That doesn’t happen in socialism.


Jacksonville, Fla.

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