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When I read Bryan Firvida’s missive Monday regarding “A political-duty-free zone” (Mailbox) I had to laugh. Mr. Firvida stated that “It is unfair to demand that any Catholic must sacrifice their faith or their politics at the altar or in the voting booth.” I have some bad news for you, Mr. Firvida. Life is not fair. We all have to make choices in our daily lives, and every two and four years we have to make choices in the voting booth as well.

The Holy Father recently stated that life begins at conception. He stated that when he was known as Cardinal Ratzinger, too. Why you feel you, Nancy Pelosi, the Kennedy family, Kathleen Sebelius and other pro-choice Catholics are above church law is beyond me.

You do not have to belong to any religion or a religion that does not have the value system of which you speak. Perhaps you should find another church. While abortion has been around since the beginning of time, that does not make it right. I would think you as a “Catholic” would have paid heed to the recent visit of Mrs. Pelosi to the Vatican, where she was chided (whether she wants to admit it or not) by Pope Benedict XVI.

For many Catholics during this last election, they chose the economy over the life issue. It is certainly your right to do that - many men and women fight for that right every day. But please refrain from your cafeteria style of Catholicism to make you feel better. You have a choice: You can live what your faith demands or go along in the “I’m-better-than-you-are” style of most liberal Catholics, who think the pro-life Catholics are Neanderthals.

For the record, I am pro-life all the way from conception to natural death and perhaps the best place for the death row inmates would be Devil’s Island. I’m sure you fight vigorously against the death penalty, and if you do, it is sad that you choose not to do so for the most innocent among us. But at least you’re here to fight - millions of the unborn are not.


Bristow, Va.

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