- The Washington Times - Friday, March 20, 2009

WASHINGTON, DC | The Washington Times has launched dynamic new online service to drive customers to auto dealerships by matching buyers with the dealers through dealer tools that are cost effective and offer bold functionality.

The myTimesautos.com service includes a powerful search engine, administrative tools, enhanced video options, search configuration and inventory optimization, electronic dealer contact, and affiliation with top research tools like Kelly Blue Book and Carfax.com.

myTimesautos.com launched with involvement of 250 area auto dealers presenting a large inventory of new and used vehicles. “Our web site had 25 million page views in February and is on pace for 28 million in March,” said Ed Fierstos, classified advertising manager at The Times.

Current Washington Times web traffic ranks among the top newspaper web sites in the country. “Our current traffic, along with advertising planned to develop awareness of the benefits of shopping through myTimesautos.com will provide a significant benefit to our auto dealer partners,” Fierstos continued.

myTimesautos.com gives dealers control over how their inventory is presented, when it is offered and how the buyer contacts dealers for the sale.

“This makes buying and selling cars on the Internet quicker, easier and far more dynamic,” said Linda Ricca, Automotive Advertising Sales Manager. “myTimesautos.com offers dealers a cost-effective approach to prospecting and sales that is sorely needed during the current economic downturn.”



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