- The Washington Times - Friday, March 6, 2009

I don’t think anyone who has a passion for curbing the illegal drug trade can overlook the importance of the illegal immigrant trade to it. So much for the truth about free trade. What is disconcerting is our president’s lack of action, or worse, what he might do.

I am most concerned about the status of the 100,000-strong drug army ready to square off against Mexico’s 120,000 federal troops, as your paper reported (“100,000 foot soldiers in cartels,” Page 1, Tuesday). The advent of a civil war in Mexico may be just the pretext the Democrats and other representatives have looked for to subvert the will of the American people, who want fair treatment of the “legitimate” illegals but without a blanket amnesty that would include drug gangs and the tens of thousands of illegals already in lockup. If Mexico falls into anarchy or becomes the Western Hemisphere’s version of Afghanistan, the illegals will simply become refugees of a drug war with the wave of a pen and a thumb in the eye of Americans, who will be expected to foot the bill.

Perhaps we can beseech the United Nations to establish refugee camps along the border. We have such a porous border now - our courts free drug dealers and prosecute landowners and law enforcers instead. The only purpose of a U.N. camp would be to provide the refugees with coffee and doughnuts on their way north.


Fredericksburg, Va.

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