- The Washington Times - Tuesday, May 26, 2009



Thank you for running an editorial that contained two things often missing in the media: research and facts. While there are some deadbeat dads out there, most fathers who don’t pay child support are men in a bad situation (“Anti-Dad bias,” Editorial, May 18). Regardless of the circumstances, child support doesn’t change, even when fathers go to court and show that state law and child-support calculators say it should change. Judges ignore the law and do as they please - which is often to punish the father. The idea that child support is supposed to simulate having dad still in the family is a fallacy.

Every lawyer knows that a crying woman’s tears are liquid gold. No one ever says that for every bad dad, there may be a woman committing adultery or engaging in other misdeeds. Even if they are at fault, women are seldom condemned publicly or held responsible for their poor choices.

I have many divorced friends who pay child support that often is used to buy computers, televisions and jewelry for Mom. You know it is an unfair system when not paying the full amount of child support - no matter how exorbitant - could mean the police knocking on your door.


Tucson, Ariz.



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