- The Washington Times - Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Contrary to the belief of Danny Danon that a visit by President Obama to Israel would enhance the possibility of peace in the region, the exact opposite would occur (“Awaiting the Nobel man,” Opinion, Thursday). Despite the kind words of then-candidate Barack Obama for Israel during his first visit, his actions as president have belied that stance. As president, he has demanded that Israel stop all natural growth of cities and towns outside the green line (only a temporary demarcation line after the 1948 war) and stop all construction in Jerusalem.

Unfortunately, any visit to Israel would likely only result in pressure by Mr. Obama for existence-threatening concessions by the Jewish state. It would be better for Mr. Obama to stay at home and deal with his first priorities - the economy and the continuing job losses - than to cause further turbulence in the Arab-Israeli conflict by making poorly considered statements during a visit to Israel.


Silver Spring



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