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The Washington Times reported, “Democrats on Capitol Hill said they don’t see the election as a judgment on President Obama, and as if to underscore that, the White House said the president didn’t watch the election returns Tuesday night” (“Need for Republican unity seen as election lesson,” Nation, Thursday).

Such statements by the congressional leadership and the White House are attempts to keep Congress in line long enough to pass the national health care and cap-and-trade bills. It is clear that the votes in Virginia and New Jersey were wake-up calls intended by the electorate to get Congress’ attention. The electorate has concluded that it cannot afford such grandiose legislation, and it has spoken with the only voice it has - the polls.

The White House knows what the consequences will be if either of the bills becomes law. The president has said before that even if it meant he would not be elected for a second term, he still would continue to push for national health care and cap-and-trade legislation. He wants these bills for his presidential legacy and has made it clear that he will sacrifice a second term to make his mark on American history.

If the president is willing to fall on his political sword for these laws, you can bet he also is willing to sacrifice the Democratic majority in Congress. He knows he has spent his entire political fortune in pursuing national health care and cap-and-trade and that even if they do not pass, he has taken the poison pill and will likely fail a re-election bid. If he won’t be around after 2012, he surely will not need a Democratic majority in Congress.

The president thinks he can convince the Democrats in Congress that their jobs will be safe after voting for these bills or that he can convince them that their sacrifice will be worth the benefits to be gained for posterity.

The question is: Are our representatives and senators willing to fall on the national health care and cap-and-trade swords to ensure that Mr. Obama secures his name in America’s history books?



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