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Still promoting

California beauty queen Carrie Prejean continued promotion for her book, “Still Standing: The Untold Story of My Fight Against Gossip, Hate and Political Attacks,” while withstanding the embarrassment of a steamy tape she made being leaked to the press the week of the book’s launch.

But, she reveals in her book, some of those who have criticized her for being too sexy are the same high-ranking pageant officials who pressured her to vamp up her looks.

In the book, Miss Prejean said Miss California Pageant Director Keith Lewis pressured her to get breast implants after physically examining her hips and breasts while she was wearing a bikini at his request.

“He told me the pageant would pay for it and it had to happen soon,” she wrote. “He also said he knew a doctor in Los Angeles who could give us a discount.”

She said Mr. Lewis would also follow her into dressing rooms, where she would strip down to her underwear, to watch her change clothes. Miss Prejean said she didn’t think he ever meant anything sexual by it, because he was gay, but that doing these things sent the message that “you’re mine now, and I’m going to fix you, and shape you and mold you however I want.”

Another official, who later turned on her, she said, ordered her to dye her hair the same shade of actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

Miss Prejean also recounted an occasion in which Miss USA co-owner Donald Trump pitted the pageant girls against each other, asking them to say who was “hot.” Miss Prejean said he divided them “between girls he found attractive and those he did not,” causing some of the young women to sob after he left.

Mr. Trump denied Miss Prejean’s charge.

“Carrie should be ashamed of herself,” the billionaire developer said. “Certainly I would never do a thing like that because it would be too hurtful. I don’t stand the ones that are less attractive to one side, and the beautiful ones on the other side. It was total nonsense. … I don’t even know how she came up with an idea like that.”

Her critics, including Mr. Lewis, have since used her decision to get breast implants and model sexy outfits to call her a “hypocrite,” among other things, for her conservative beliefs.

Many wondered whether she would cancel her book tour after the celebrity gossip site, TMZ.com, began reporting the existence of a video Miss Prejean recorded of herself engaging in solo sex acts as a teenager. But, she didn’t. She owned up to the tape and called it the “biggest mistake of her life” in book promotion stops on Fox’s “Hannity” and ABC’s “The View.”

Death and terror

Sen. Joe Lieberman, Connecticut independent, has called the massacre at Fort Hood a “terrorist act” and a majority of likely voters agree.

Rasmussen Reports released a poll Wednesday showing 60 percent wanted the military to investigate the killings as acts of terrorism; 27 percent said they wanted it investigated by civilian authorities as a criminal act; and 13 percent said they were unsure.

According to the poll, 65 percent of likely voters said the shooting suspect, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, should get the death penalty if convicted; 19 percent said he should not; and 16 percent were unsure.

Likely voters were also asked whether the Army should remove officers who attempt to contact terrorist organizations as Maj. Hasan reportedly did: 76 percent said agreed and only 7 percent disagreed.


Liberal bloggers are pushing a new policy to restrict donations to the Democratic Party until the military’s policy of “don’t ask, don’t tell” is repealed by President Obama. They’re calling it “don’t ask, don’t give.”

The boycott, which supporters say is more of a “pause” in giving, is being led by John Aravosis of AmericaBlog and co-sponsored by the DailyKos, Jane Hamsher of Firedoglake.com and other well-known gay rights blogger advocates.

They are asking others to withhold donations to the Democratic National Committee, Organizing for America or Mr. Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign until he signs legislation enacting the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, voiding the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” bar on open homosexuality in the ranks, and repealing the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

“We were angered that the Obama administration continued to defend DOMA in the courts - last June, the administration’s lawyers even compared loving gay relationships to incest and pedophilia - and we were saddened that the White House and the Democratic Party refused to help us defeat anti-gay ballot initiatives in Maine and Washington state,” their petition says. “LGBT Americans, our families, and our friends kept our promise at the ballot box; we now expect President Obama to keep his in the White House.”

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