- The Washington Times - Sunday, October 18, 2009

In his Op-Ed “Defusing the nuclear threat” (Opinion, Wednesday), Ed Feulner noted, “There are no easy answers.” He then proceeded to demonstrate the accuracy of that statement in the rest of the article.

Mr. Feulner suggests we need an international coalition to contain and deter Iran, while acknowledging that China and Russia, which are allies and trading partners with Iran, are opposed to sanctions. Realistically speaking, no effective pressure on Iran can be done without the involvement of Russia and China. Furthermore, trying to arrange a coalition outside the United Nations will not fly.

In a Washington Times Op-Ed late last year, we wrote, “Bringing all five leading nuclear weapon states together will not be easy, but the stakes are so high that every effort must be made to try to find a common purpose” (“MARS for defense,” Opinion, Dec. 30). We were searching for the first stage of a new policy that we called a Measured Assured Response Strategy (MARS), which could be shared internationally to prevent a nuclear exchange.

Security of the homeland has to be the highest priority of any government, since without security other government programs would be rendered irrelevant. America must be prepared to exchange its principal security concerns with Britain, China, France and Russia so that a common policy on preventing further proliferation can be developed. Additionally, it will be essential to look at issues other than nuclear proliferation. Naturally, other nations eventually will be drawn into such a coalition. In the beginning, however, it is up to the five original nuclear states to reach an agreement.

Real leadership and diplomacy will be needed, and the Obama administration must make this issue its highest priority. As we said before, the security of the nation rests on it.




Plano, Texas

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