- The Washington Times - Thursday, October 8, 2009


Richard A. Viguerie and Steven J. Allen’s Op-Ed column (“Politicians earned distrust,” Opinion, Friday) highlights the results of what this country has produced - a permanent, full-time political class. Those who serve in government, particularly the legislative and executive branches, have become concerned primarily with acquiring and maintaining their positions and power rather than serving the interests of their constituents. They have lost touch with the vicissitudes of the lives of those they represent because they no longer experience the everyday struggles of average Americans.

Thomas Jefferson warned of the mischief such a system could spawn. The only solution I can envision is adoption of a constitutional amendment that would require term limits and restrict the time of meeting of the national legislature, as states like such as Texas and Virginia do. Members of the House and Senate would be required to spend time in their districts and states, which hopefully would give them some appreciation of their representative duties.





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