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The NFL regular season is finally here, but there’s already been a lot of news. Let’s see how much you know.

To some die-hard Washington Redskins fans, the most important person in the world is:

a) Jason Campbell

b) Jim Zorn

c) A judge

Fans who want to see their favorite team visit FedEx Field should keep in mind that:

a) The Redskins are your hosts, so act in a spirited but responsible manner

b) Traffic can be a problem, so leave early

c) Thousands of tickets are available on the Internet

The last time the Redskins were in the Super Bowl:

a) George H.W. Bush was president

b) Gasoline was $1.20 a gallon

c) The Redskins were in the Super Bowl?

If several NFL games are blacked out, it means that:

a) The poor economy has taken its toll

b) Fans are unhappy with how their team is playing

c) Infomercials with that dead guy will be shown instead

If the 2010 season is played without a salary cap:

a) A work stoppage in 2011 is likely

b) The league’s competitive balance will be threatened

c) Dan Snyder will be the happiest man alive

If there is a work stoppage in 2011:

a) Millions of fans will be frustrated and disappointed

b) Hundreds of players will suffer financially

c) Brett Favre cannot play for his fifth team in five years

Chad Ochocinco is upset because:

a) He won’t be allowed to tweet during games

b) He’s had to tone down his flamboyant end zone celebrations

c) The recent HBO series about the Bengals was not called “Hard Knocks: Training Camp with Chad Ochocinco and Some Other People”

In looking to life after football, some NFL players want to know:

a) If they can adjust to the so-called real world

b) If they will be healthy enough to play with their kids

c) The number of Plaxico Burress’ “prison coach”

To increase their safety, players have been warned about:

a) Bunching up in a “wedge” on kickoffs

b) Hitting receivers in the helmet

c) Tila Tequila

The toughest thing Brett Favre had to learn with the Vikings was:

a) The playbook

b) His teammates’ tendencies

c) The meaning of the word “schism”

He said what?

“We maybe have been guilty of building a facade that maybe didn’t reveal the hole that we were in.”

- Colorado athletic director Mike Bohn after the 0-2 Buffaloes gave up 624 yards in a 54-38 loss to Toledo on Friday

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