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What happened to President Obama’s promise that under his administration there would be no tax increase on the middle class, specifically on anyone earning less than $250,000? (“Healthy tax increases, not only on wealthy,” Web, Business, March 24.) It looks like just another Obama promise upon which nobody can depend.

Under the current administration and liberal, Democrat-led Congress, the deficit has skyrocketed and the national debt has been quadrupled to about $12 trillion because of out-of-control, wild spending. Now this government wants to place the burden for its fiscal irresponsibility on the taxpayer.

The tried-and-true path to restoring this nation to economic health is to lower taxes and drastically cut spending to balance the budget. If individual families cannot spend more than they earn lest they go bankrupt, why can’t the government learn to live within its means without resorting to taxing the people to death, borrowing from other nations and printing more money, which leads to inflation?

If taxes are raised and a value-added-tax is implemented, the deficit will not be reduced. In fact, the debt will continue to rise because Mr. Obama and Congress will continue to throw our money away on expanding the welfare state, redistributing wealth and spending on ridiculous and frivolous projects. Meanwhile, they will cut the budget for defense, our most important priority at a time when we are beset by radicals who want to take us over.

If a child proves to be incapable of wisely spending his allowance, the answer is not to give that child more money to spend. Instead, his allowance should be stopped or reduced until fiscal responsibility is learned. Likewise, these tax-and-spend liberals need to have their spending habits and their taxation schemes cut off. We can do this by voting them out of office in the upcoming midterm elections and replacing them with fiscal conservatives who believe in lower taxes, less spending on nonessential projects and jump-starting our economy by freeing the private sector, the engine of our prosperity.



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