- The Washington Times - Friday, April 16, 2010


If Michael S. Steele could read the writing on the wall, he would know it is time for him to resign his leadership post as head of the Republican National Committee (“Chief of staff resigns from Steele’s RNC,” Page 1, April 6).

It is so disingenuous of him to bring out the race card on this matter. If not for his race, I think he would have been gone long ago. How much more humiliation under your direction must we endure, Mr. Steele, before the Republican Party is so disgraced or suffers such a serious setback that it cannot recover?

We must stop tiptoeing around Mr. Steele’s ego. We are in the driver’s seat right now where the 2010 elections are concerned, and it behooves those in positions of leadership to act impeccably, beyond any question of impropriety. RNC Chief of Staff Ken McKay and veteran fundraiser Sam Fox resigned because of Mr. Steele’s ineptness in dealing with the recent topless club scandal - yet scandal culprit and finance director Robert G. Bickhart still has his job. This is not acceptable leadership. Mr. Steele, if you truly care about the direction of this country, you will step down.


Berwyn Heights, Md.



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