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Last week, former President Bill Clinton tried his best to associate and compare the atrocious Oklahoma City bombing to the rhetoric of the “right wing” (“There Bill Clinton goes again,” Commentary, Tuesday).

Then, to make matters worse, Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” Mr. Clinton explained how people need to choose their words carefully or risk creating “a climate in which people … are vulnerable to violence because they are disoriented like Timothy McVeigh was.”

Mr. Clinton is wrong on two counts. First, what happened in Oklahoma City was an unwarranted response by a few individuals to the Clinton administration’s botched attempt to take over the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas. It had nothing to do with the words of Rush Limbaugh or any other voice of opposition on right-leaning talk radio. Is this just another attempt to see whether the American people have forgotten recent history? Regardless, Mr. Clinton has demonstrated a complete disconnect with the American people and who we really are.

Second, maybe it would be a good idea for the former president to practice what he preached last weekend. For Mr. Clinton to sit down with Jake Tapper on Sunday and have the gall to say that “people should not demonize the government or its public employees” is absurdly hypocritical and downright offensive. Where were those wonderful words of wisdom when the left was demonizing former President George W. Bush and his public employees?

Also, why hasn’t anyone on the left shown even a glimmer of outrage over the current administration’s demonization of the average hardworking American who attends a Tea Party? These Tea Partiers are simply citizens who want a say in how they are represented; they are not extremists, racists, homophobes or in any way like Timothy McVeigh. Anyone who has ever been to a Tea Party knows the gatherings are so tame it is difficult even to call them protests.

So, Mr. Clinton, if you are going to point your finger at someone, at least point it at the right person: yourself.


North Massapequa, N.Y.

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