- The Washington Times - Tuesday, April 6, 2010


It’s hard to improve on George Neumayr’s eloquent defense of the pope (“Pope Benedict’s critics don’t care about kids,” Web, Monday), but here are additional points to consider: Many of the abusers inside and outside the church are products of a vacuous “liberal” ideology that afflicted the church and the Western democracies subsequent to World War II and especially after Vatican II, an ideology that viewed sexual activity as less than sacred and even as victimless recreation.

Hasn’t the psychological establishment increasingly endorsed sexual proclivities of all kinds, including many that were considered perversions a mere generation ago? Haven’t the great majority of our academic institutions and their dons endorsed, or winked at, casual sexual encounters of all sorts? Hasn’t the ACLU, that bastion of liberalism, been at the forefront of destigmatizing every sexual compulsion, thereby making it increasingly difficult to bring perverts to justice? How many millions have been victimized by this “liberating culture”?

Finally, we shouldn’t underestimate the craftiness of these sexual predators, whether secular teachers, political leaders, youth leaders or priests. They are masters of manipulation, dissimulation and deceit. Even bishops and popes aren’t immune to their treachery.


Plymouth, Mich.



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