- The Washington Times - Friday, April 9, 2010

As a senior citizen, I am working daily to encourage all people in my age sector to seek the total repeal of the Ponzi scheme that is Obamacare.

How dare these arrogant crooks in government tell me I can’t purchase a policy I want or do business with an insurance company that sells its products and coverage to me as I choose? To have those in the White House, Congress or anywhere else in government messing around with my choices and doctors’ and hospitals’ rights to sell and engage in medical care is downright criminal and should be treated as such.

I have a Medicare Advantage plan, with which I am totally satisfied, as it provides me with all the necessary coverage I need. But President Obama’s government wants to take that away from me to give freebies to criminals, noncitizens and those who are simply not contributing to our economy. If Mr. Obama is so concerned about these elements, why not just deal with them on individual bases and leave existing programs alone? The government could set up special plans or organizations that deal exclusively with those types of persons. There was no reason to interfere with everybody else’s policies and plans.

Fools are hiding their heads in the sand and allowing these things to take place because they are too afraid to criticize someone who is a minority. We cannot afford to allow such silly ideas to cause us great harm as a nation. No person - white, yellow, green or purple - should be able to do what Mr. Obama is doing.


Kerrville, Texas

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