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Owing to the great success of the Tea Party movement, some mainstream Republicans are trying to tap into that energy (“N. Dakota Republicans aim to tap into ‘tea party’ energy,” Politics, Friday).

This movement is not a political party, nor does it have a party affiliation. It is a grass-roots, populist uprising of anti-Obama-agenda sentiment. Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele is calling himself a “tea partier,” a statement that is questionable among Tea Partiers, and I have yet to see Mr. Steele seriously embrace the movement. That is not to say that much of the conservative Republican platform does not adhere to the Tea Party beliefs of smaller government, cuts in spending, the rights of the states, and individual freedom and liberty, but the movement will be the “watchdog” of future Republicans and independents who wish to run for office. Just because a candidate is a Republican will not get him or her a free pass to a nomination (as we saw with Sen. John McCain’s nomination for president, for example).

We have learned our lesson in nominating establishment Republicans who compromise with Democrats. That is why Sarah Palin, Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, Sen. Scott Brown of Massachusetts and a few others are gathering a following. The people want no-nonsense, common-sense individuals to lead our great nation. It saddened me to read in the newspaper that America was losing its “superpower” status under the Obama administration (America’s suicide attempt,” Commentary, Friday). The Tea Party movement is in gear to regain our nation’s superpower position in the world and to restore power to the people. So, Republicans and independents, if you are not with us, you are against us.


Berwyn Heights, Md.

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