- The Washington Times - Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Americans are understandably upset about their money being squandered and their wishes ignored (“Obama’s ‘11 budget knife takes smaller cuts,” Page I, Feb. 2). But we only get one vote, so we have to make it count. If we want positive change, we should tell all politicians that to earn our votes they must do several things.

The first should be to bring our troops home now. The premise of the Vietnam War was fallacious, and so was the premise of the Iraq war. Obviously, the nations of the world didn’t topple like dominoes when South Vietnam fell. Well, the rest of the world won’t collapse if Iraq or Afghanistan falls. We can bolster our defenses and keep our troops at home, where they belong.

Also, America should stop meddling in the Middle East in general. The price of oil has not gone down since the war began but instead has skyrocketed. We can save money and lives by simply paying the going price for oil on the free market.

If we want peace and prosperity, we must make our votes count.


Nashville, Tenn.



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