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So far, President Obama’s agenda has put having the Olympics in Chicago, the Nobel Peace Prize and other non-life-threatening issues ahead of Afghanistan.

Mr. Obama is a commander in chief in the mold of Bill “no-boots-on-the-ground” Clinton. He is an obstructionist to overt pre-emptive action that would deter our enemies, who would delight in putting their boot in the neck of an American.

One of President Clinton’s first actions was to reframe the “Soldier’s Creed,” which, pre-Clinton, stated, “I am an American fighting man.” Mr. Clinton delighted in tearing apart the military and reshaping it in the image of a U.N.-Peace Corps auxiliary. In the same fashion, Mr. Obama dragged his feet at a critical point over troop strengths in Afghanistan but was all too willing to jump into Haiti with some of America’s best combat troops. He doesn’t know what to do, so he’d better add to the strength of “corpsemen” because we will need them.

Alternative intelligence reports say that any response to Iran’s nuclear weapons reactors coming online cannot be dealt with by missile strikes alone any more than al Qaeda could be eliminated by missile strikes in Mr. Clinton’s era.

We weren’t in any condition before or immediately after Sept. 11, 2001, to throw an army at Afghanistan, not to mention take out Osama bin Laden. Mr. Clinton left us open to attack the minute he defaulted to a U.N.-directed policy in Somalia. We had U.S. soldiers court-martialed for refusing to wear the U.N.’s blue berets because they knew the beret would mark them as potential hostages.

The media portrays Mr. Obama as a strong leader making bold statements, but we will lose three important Afghanistan NATO allies at the end of the year for no other reason than that they do not see the determination necessary to justify the use of their troops behind U.S. leadership.

The Hillary Rodham Clinton /Barack Obama team is doing precious little to shape a safer Middle East. Islam continues to arm itself to the teeth and press for the eradication of the satanic states of America and Israel, the only comparatively democratic nation in the region. The situation is rapidly slipping away, and pacifists like Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama haven’t a clue what to do. The enemies of America have at least the next three years of Mr. Obama’s presidency to rearm themselves. Does anyone think the Clintons and Mr. Obama can deal with this reality?


Frederickburg, Va.

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