- The Washington Times - Thursday, February 25, 2010


If someone flew an airplane into a building full of people to protest the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, it would be called an act of terrorism. However, when Joe Stack flew his plane into an Internal Revenue Service building in Austin, Texas, and killed an IRS employee and wounded several other people, the news media called it an “incident.” The local prosecutor declared that Mr. Stack was not a terrorist.

But what should you call it when a man pens a manifesto proclaiming that “violence is the only answer,” then tries to kill people because they work for the government? Mr. Stack’s wife apologized on the news to “everyone affected by the incident” but was careful not to use the term “victim” when referring to the people her husband hurt and the man he murdered.

Regardless of the media’s politically correct posturing, the simple fact is this: Joe Stack was a suicide bomber. Even though his name was Joe, and not Muhammad, and even though he was protesting taxes, not Israeli foreign policy, Mr. Stack was the murderer of an innocent.


Los Angeles



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