- The Washington Times - Thursday, February 4, 2010


It is interesting how the same word or deed causes extremely different reactions from one society to another.

“Peace” to many Palestinians, for example, means “no Israel.” Peace to the Israelis means normal relations with citizens of adjacent countries.

“Joy” to many Palestinians means a terrorist has killed Israeli students studying in a library. Joy to the Israelis means living through another day without a terrorist attack.

A “terrorist” to many Palestinians is an Israeli soldier trying to stop a Palestinian from launching a missile into Israel. A terrorist to an Israeli is someone who enters Israel with the intent to murder Israeli civilians.

The death of a young Palestinian son or daughter who has died committing an act of “martyrdom” by killing Israelis results in many Palestinian mothers’ exultations. The death of a son or daughter of an Israeli mother results in extreme grief.

It is only when the same word or deed results in approximately similar reactions that Israelis and the Palestinians will be able to engage in a peace process.


Palm Beach, Fla.



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