Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It is apparent with the new health care bill that Congress no longer cares what the voting public thinks. “We, the people” means little to the ingrates on Capitol Hill, who are leaving us to carry the burden of the government’s misuse of power as they plunder our country for their own ideals.

Taxes will be handed down, along with the price of the new health care system, which will be passed in the dark of night. Most provisions of the bill won’t take effect for at least three years, but the American people will begin payment immediately. What about those representatives we elected to office to watch out for us? Mr. Obama promised transparency. Instead, we found Congress and the president’s henchmen hiding behind closed doors, secretly designing a bill to accommodate their thirst for power.

Memories of the Soviet Union come back to haunt us. We no longer produce our own goods; instead, we buy from other countries while looking at our smooth, unblemished hands, which once were calloused from hard work. We are becoming a nanny state, waiting to have our chins wiped by the bureaucrats who stole our way of life.

But we are equally to blame for letting this carry on without questioning the outcome. Blinded by sweet words and visions of a grand utopia, we have stood by silently while our great republic has been blindsided.

We abolished God from our schools and cringe when his name is mentioned. Then we wonder why this is happening to us and grovel in self-pity awaiting a miracle from above. The time to act is now, while looking our foes in the eyes with an unwavering pride in this country, for which so many died.


Centerville, Pa.

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