- The Washington Times - Monday, January 18, 2010


According to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s requirements, I could get elected president or to some other high position because I am an American of African ancestry, “light-skinned,” and have been accused often of “talking white.”

No outrage from the Congressional Black Caucus when these comments were made? Is there a double standard in place? Of course there is. Liberal blacks have bestowed upon all white Democrats immunity from any punishment or outrage when they make racist remarks.

Is Mr. Reid right? I know whites who say they feel much more comfortable around “light-skinned” black people than around “dark-skinned” black people. Throughout history, blacks who moved up in society the fastest were mostly light-skinned.

But the real issue here is not what Mr. Reid said - because he could be right - but that those same remarks would have cost a Republican his head.

Republicans, conservatives and fair-minded independents are right in expressing their outrage at this, but if they expect black Democrats to excoriate Mr. Reid or any white party members, they will be very disappointed. Liberal black outrage is selective.

What the Democrats’ opponents have to do is keep this as another missile to be launched during the 2010 campaigns. Democrats in Washington think everything they are doing against the will of the American people will be forgotten by November. I don’t think it will.


Millville, N.J.



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