Monday, January 18, 2010


By Frank Miniter

Regnery, $26.95, 222 pages

Reviewed by Ted Nugent

The Ultimate Man’s Survival Guide is a meat and potatoes book for real men. Heavy on the meat. There isn’t an ounce of tofu-toxic logic in it. Frank Miniter’s first tome, “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Hunting,” was a rich, tasty morsel of unadulterated truth. I lathered it in copious amounts of butter, garlic and onions, slow-smoked it at 225 degrees with hickory and apple wood and then ate the book. I don’t observe nature, I do it.

“The Ultimate Man’s Survival Guide” is every bit as tasty an organic treat.

In a day and age when intellectually weak, spiritually-timid parents, school administrators, neighbors, Fedzilla punks and others want to turn little boys into mollycoddle, manbag-toting metrosexuals, Mr. Miniter has written to the rescue with a book of real manly instructions and guidance that is the antidote to the embarrassing feminization of American boys and men.

This manly man’s book has segments on logical survival, man theprovider, athlete, hero, romantic, the cultured man and philosopher. There is plenty of rock-solid advice for all men. Superman could learn something from Mr. Miniter’s book.

Being that I am the alpha male of all things that go bang, twang, wang and dang, your everloving Motorcity Madman gravitated to the provider section of the book. This section of the book contains information on hunting, guns, gutting animals, etc. While reading it, my ponytail became erect.

All men should know how to shoot, hunt, kill, gut, clean and butcher animals, make a fire and cook this most wonderful of sustenance to perfection. More importantly, fathers should teach their boys these most basic of life-sustaining skills. Elvis and Michael Jackson would be alive today had their dads taught and reinforced to them these life-sustaining lessons of reality as well as the other manly guidance contained in this book.

I read no instructional guidance in the book about how to play a video or computer game. Chesty Puller was my kind of man. If you don’t know who Chesty Puller was, drop and give me 50, and then scream at yourself at the top of your lungs for 60 seconds for being an idiot. Then go out and buy this book and devour it.

Mr. Miniter knows that real men aren’t born; they are made into self-reliant, self-assured, responsible men who know how to firmly shake your hand while looking you in the eye. Mr. Miniter’s book serves as a guidepost for dads to help indoctrinate the various manly values, knowledge and customs into their sons so that they will grow into gregarious, polite and confident American men.

Dirty Harry would buy this book. Enough said.

Ted Nugent is a rock-and-roll legend and a member of the board of directors of the National Rifle Association.

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