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Excuse me, Jeffrey T. Kuhner, but Sarah Palin did not sell out (“Sarah sells out,” Commentary, Friday). She is a major reason liberals are quaking in their boots.

I think her move to Fox News Channel was brilliant. There America will get to know this national treasure. She will have a platform for discussing her views and ideology and also have a venue for defending herself from the ugly and erroneous remarks that have been made about her. I would prefer her any day over someone who ignores the will of the American people (think Obamacare) and disrespects our great country while on foreign soil.

I would without a doubt rather have Mrs. Palin lead our country than some Harvard elitist who thinks he knows what’s better for the people than we do. Like a mother duck protects her offspring, I believe Mrs. Palin would protect America from harm, which is the duty of the American president.

Mr. Kuhner said Mrs. Palin is “out of her league on the national stage,” but President Obama’s foreign policy with regard to Iran, one of our greatest threats, is dismal - he has none. He dismissed the Iranian uprising during the recent elections in Iran and gave support to the Iranian dictator, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. This could have been a seminal moment in history if he had Ronald Reagan’s confidence. He could have used the conflict to support freedom for the Iranian people and very well might have changed the course of events. Instead, he backed Mr. Ahmadinejad’s illegal ascendancy to the highest office in Iran.

How politically informed and politically savvy was Mr. Obama before he became president? On the campaign trail, he actually said, “I’ve now been in 57 states. I think one left to go.” Can you imagine the delight the press would have had if Mrs. Palin had uttered that remark? In addition, anyone can read off a teleprompter. Mr. Kuhner, I think you have read too much leftist propaganda.


Berwyn Heights, Md.

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