- The Washington Times - Monday, January 25, 2010


I think Scott Brown hit the nail on the head when he assessed his victory as owing to America’s need for debt relief. He generally rejects the philosophy of spending our way out of debt. However, I do not find myself inspired by his victory.

Why am I so cynical? I believe the sleaze that has surrounded political power groups has finally choked the American people. What is being analyzed as solely an economic policy reversal has failed to note the deeper crisis motivating voters to change horses. Watching former President Bill Clinton sit on his throne for eight years, carrying on like a bachelor, was sickening enough. Examples like his have destroyed the moral fabric of our society. Yet such politicians are re-elected, and people of good faith tell themselves that private life should not be factored when electing a person to office.

The Brown election was not merely a statement on the status of our economy, health care or illegal immigrants - it was about the perverse manner in which political decisions are framed. I have written my representatives to oppose the health care bill, and their offices have responded with a “thank you for supporting our position on this important bill.” They have denied the existence of my opposition simply because they are in power.

Mr. Brown’s election was about the very soul of the people. We do have moral centers, and by attempting to pervert every aspect of American life to reflect constantly challenged ethical behavior and undermine what is good, politicians have gone too far. Incumbents, beware.





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