- The Washington Times - Wednesday, January 27, 2010

U.S. Olympic bobsledder Steve Mesler says his parents were bilked out of $8,000 by someone purportedly willing to rent them a home in Whistler, British Columbia, for the upcoming Vancouver Games.

The Meslers went public with their story earlier this week. Multiple offers from “perfect strangers” came in to offer the Meslers a place to stay, and the family will take advantage of two of those offers during the Olympics.

Canadian police are investigating.

Steve Mesler is a push athlete for the reigning four-man world championship team piloted by Steven Holcomb. His parents wired the money from their Buffalo, N.Y., bank to a person posing as the owner of a condo and that individual — whom Mesler said is wanted by police in multiple Canadian provinces — has since vanished.



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