- The Washington Times - Thursday, January 28, 2010


I commend the hundreds of thousands of people, including pro-life leaders from Canada, Africa, Europe, South America, Asia and Oceania, who attended the 37th annual March for Life in Washington on Friday.

Legalized abortion is a disaster that has been unleashed throughout the world. Abortion affects not only the unborn child, but also the mother who has conceived and all the people involved (i.e., the baby’s father, the grandparents, health care workers).

Legalized abortion is a “right” protected by a false freedom that leads women to do violence to their own bodies. Psychologically, each of these mothers will be wounded for life. Each will succeed in removing “something” that today she finds bothersome, but she will not be able to remove from her mind and heart what she has done. To choose to extinguish in cold blood a life given by God, to reduce to dust and ashes the body of a human being made in His image and likeness should make us shudder.

Let us fight for life. Life - never death - is the future of humankind.


Hamilton, Ontario



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