- The Washington Times - Friday, January 29, 2010


The outrage expressed by those opposed to the Supreme Court’s decision to lift the limitations on corporate and union spending on political ads for elections (“High court voids curbs on political ad spending,” Page I, Friday) is misplaced and naive. Indeed, it is ironic when activism by the courts is lauded if seen as liberal but condemned if viewed as conservative, even though unions were included in the decision.

Nevertheless, the high court’s decision was decided, correctly, as free speech, and the timing couldn’t be better. This comes at a time when the president and Congress are in the process of doing their utmost to dismantle free enterprise and exact unreasonable laws and regulations against health care, energy and finance, which certainly will deepen the recession and raise the cost of living for all people.

Clearly, what we really need in this age of computer technology is voting networks wherein voters would elect well-compensated, nonpartisan and professional government managers instead of professional politicians. There would be no campaign financing and the voters would decide matters of public policy and taxation. Of course, it would take a constitutional amendment. However, that may be the only way we can survive, especially when we are threatened by the age of terrorism.


Apple Valley, Calif.



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