- The Washington Times - Monday, January 4, 2010


In his letter to the editor (“Who gains the gain?” Letters, Thursday), John Engelman proposes that a growing population will result in higher prices, lower wages and higher profits for business owners. This is inaccurate oversimplification because it assumes a finite amount of wealth instead of the growing wealth that economic activity brings.

As Cheryl Wetzstein pointed out in her recent column (“Making it pay to have children,” Culture, Tuesday), each individual will gain $2.7 million over his lifetime. Aside from taxes, we as Americans have a lot of discretion as to how we spend our “gain.” When the pie is growing, we can all get and afford a slice. The Obama administration must also learn this fact.

If I, as a business owner, cannot project my costs over the next three years due to the uncertainty that the current health care overhaul and possible future carbon regulations bring, then I will be holding onto my cash flow and will not hire any new employees as a result.


Alexandria, Va.



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