- The Washington Times - Thursday, January 7, 2010


“Harry’s dream come true,” (Sunday Opinion, Dec. 27),reveals the billions of tax dollars to be collected in the name of Obamacare before the 2014 start of the program’s benefits. No one has answered how, when or where this huge windfall of tax income be used to improve health care. The purpose of the bill appears to be solely for the immediate purpose of raising taxes, not for improving health care.

At present, money collected from payroll taxes for Medicare is used to cover Medicare claims. The surplus of Medicare incomehas beenput into the general fund and spent. In 2008 Medicare payroll tax income was less than Medicare expenses, therefore the shortfall was covered with deficit spending. The ugly truthis thatredemptionfrom the Medicare trustfund requires drawing funds from the current budget or adding to the deficit.

There is presently no financial mechanism for our government to save surplus monies collected for Obamacare this year for use in future years. All tax income money has to be spent in the year it was collected. Utilizing the present Medicare trust fund “scam,” the surplus money would beused to cover shortfalls in other areas and to fund unrelated programs,thereby reducing the annual deficit. The government notes issued tocover the borrowed money will increase the national debt. Congress will brag that it reduced the deficit without mentioning the concurrent increase in the national debt.

From theinformation available, it appears Obamacare’s billions in tax increases will make little improvement to our health care system before 2014.The annual deficits will be reduced but the national debt will increase by the same amount. Obamacare willbecome anotherpay-as-you-go Ponzi scheme like Social Security and Medicare - but several orders of magnitude greater.

Congress and the Obama administration owe us taxpayers an explanation as to how these gigantic tax increases will improve our health care system.


Vienna, Va.



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