- The Washington Times - Thursday, March 11, 2010

Socialism will not ensure the flourishing of our nation. It is no surprise that the prescription for our success as authored by President Obama is just that.

Our current president has never held a real job, and he is the direct product of an indoctrination that places a premium on government intervention. It is the sole source of his trust. He lies prostrate at the foot of this almighty god of the state and simply does not understand the contrary, for it is not within his philosophical DNA.

It is time to commit to the good of capitalism and empower the nation with the will and incentive to take risk in hope of high rewards. Petty sideshows of $1,000 tax credits to “incentivize” us to play according to this new world order are insults to common sense.

The so-called “robber barons” were men of genius and commerce, willing to take the risks to create empires. Those empires led to jobs, prosperity and, indeed, the hunger of others to become successful. This is not evil - it is good. Look down from the top of Rockefeller Center and regard the result.

The only thing the government built were tunnels and bridges to ferry people to their place of work. There is no chance that Mr. Obama’s vision and cult of envy will succeed at anything other than destroying those very same forces of capitalism that created so much for so many.

Do we want our children all to have a chance at such reward? Or do we dream that they will work for the state with no prospects on the horizon and only fear to fuel more envy and certain mediocrity? The latter is the same recipe that led us to elect Mr. Obama president of the United States.



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