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It is almost laughable to hear illegal immigrant activists making demands of the president of the United States, threatening the American citizen with violence and ranting like a bunch of lunatics (” ‘Betrayed’ activists tell Obama to protect illegals,” Page 1, March 9). One must wonder what irrational mentality would defend criminality and general mayhem as acceptable. There are 20 million people in this country illegally who by their mere presence here are by definition criminals.

In my humble opinion, the “activists” who would portray their “cells” as being nothing more than servants of the poor illegals are actually agents of foreign governments engaged in an ongoing criminal enterprise. They extort more than $300 billion a year from the American people. To add insult to injury, these so-called “activist agents” have the audacity to include our valued legal guests and Americans who became citizens via the legal process into their cabal of “outraged” immigrants. No one is more outraged than the American citizen who came here as a legal immigrant for all the right reasons and is confronted with a bunch of criminals looking for a free ride.

I was particularly amused by Angelica Sala’s whining in the story that “each one of these deportation … equals a life destroyed and a family devastated.” If such is the case, that devastation lies solely at the feet of Ms. Sala and the criminal culture of her leftist followers. Maybe she does not know the definition of illegal. Could there be something lost in the translation?


Gaithersburg, Md.

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