- The Washington Times - Friday, March 19, 2010

Taking to the streets, altering public opinion polls, hosting town halls - none of it is off the table for the Democrats when it comes to health care legislation. The health care debate, regardless of the merits of the arguments, has generated a clear message: This Congress and administration will pursue an agenda that bears no witness to the desires of the electorate.

Pundits are focusing on the jeopardy to Democrats if the bill passes, but that misses the point.The very breadth and resilience of this effort, contrary to public opinion, foreshadows a major Democratic defeat in November regardless of the final answer on health care legislation. Congress and this administration have demonstrated an attitude that - short of electoral rejection in November - they likely will bring back on a wide variety of issues.

Democrats will not be rejected on Election Day because of health care legislation; they will be rejected based on attitude, agenda and hubris. America will come to an evidence-based opinion that attitudes past and present are a prelude we care not to reward.


Chantilly, Va.

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