- The Washington Times - Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The term “pro-life Democrat” evokes the memory of Eunice Kennedy Shriver. A vocal protester of the Democratic Party’s pro-choice plank in the 1992 presidential elections, she did much more than raise her voice. Her hard work and practical concern for human dignity gave rise to the Special Olympics movement and earned her the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1984.

But that memory is all we have left. Any hope that pro-life convictions can survive within the confines of the Democratic National Committee evaporated Sunday night. Few, I fear, truly believed that Rep. Bart Stupak, Michigan Democrat, could withstand the 11th-hour arm-twisting necessary to pass the health care bill. He finally capitulated on a promise from the president to sign an executive order against federal funding of abortion. That executive order will be meaningless once a bureaucracy stacked with pro-choice ideologues by a pro-choice president converts the health care bill into policy.

Apparently, Mr. Stupak’s pro-life convictions were nothing more than a bargaining chip or perhaps one more act in the political Punch and Judy Show that is Washington. Can he seriously take the president at his word? The same president who promised to broadcast committee negotiations on C-SPAN and post the health care bill online for all the world to review? Is that word sufficient safeguard for the innocent lives at stake? If anyone in the Democratic Party was serious about protecting the unborn, why not take the substantive step of writing that protection into law?

I can only speculate what Mr. Stupak really received in return for his support. But two things are clear: The struggle against abortion will continue, and there will be no help from the Democratic Party.


Chesterfield, Va.

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